The counters provide in uzhkkh monthly mandatory. This is done generally on the reverse side is brought to you account notices in special fields designated for this information. Specifies the counter cold water bath, counter hot water bath and when the counters of hot and cold water cuisine. In some cities to report data from the meters only by phone or via the Internet. The transmission of information via the world wide web, enter a nine-digit account number listed on the receipt, for example, 110120990.
In the form you need to specify only the current statement. Information on previous months, the volume of actual water use is not necessary to write. If the meter has more than five digits left of the decimal, it shows only the last 5 digits before the decimal point. Whatever is after the comma, enter is not necessary.
If you live in a communal apartment, it is sufficient to submit one account-notice from across the housing. Then the data will be divided by the number of registered residents. If you live in the apartment more or less people than registered, this should inform uzhkkh.
Fill in the data as understandable and legible. If they are vague, unclear, beyond the borders of the fields or have fixes, they will be considered invalid, and to calculate payments will be used to the average standards of consumption established in your city. Typically, this value is much more than that, that show counters, so be sure to submit your personal information to to pay more.
If the meter for some reason is faulty, please notify uzhkkh. For the calculation of water charges will be used the average readings for the last 6 months, and the counter for the month will need to be repaired or replaced. After repair the meter must once again be sealed by the representatives of the utilities.