You will need
  • receipt;
  • - ball point pen;
  • calculator.
To calculate the amount of electricity consumed by the single-rate meter, clear indications from the device on the day of payment, record the numbers in receipt in the column on the day of payment. Take the preceding receipt, look at the numbers in the column on the day of payment) and move into a new receipt for the payment. Of the first digit, subtract the second, the resulting number and multiply by the current tariff in your region, write it in the final number. If you or your family members have benefits for utilities, subtract this amount from the total calculation and make the resulting figure in the last row and pay at any post office or savings Bank.
To calculate the readings of two-tariff metering devices, follow the same method, but consider separately two rates and multiply by the amount of the current night tariff and a day. View testimony of the rate for daytime electricity consumption, make the number on the day of payment in a new receipt, subtract the previous testimony on the payment date, calculate the difference, multiply by daytime rate. Also do readingsmi the night tariff. The figures will add up, subtract the amount of benefits, if you have them, pay the receipt at any point, accepting utility payments from the population.
To count the testimony of a three-tariff meter, clear testimony from three tariffs on the day of payment. From each number subtract the previous values as contained in the pay stubs for the last month, multiply each of the calculated number on the current rate in your area in the daytime, at night and during peak hours, add up all the amounts, deduct the benefits, if any, pay at any point, accepting utility payments from the population.
If you have a broken energy consumption, you calculate the payment based on the number of electrical appliances prescribed in the apartment people. Within one month you will be charged for the electricity consumed at the average rate. In one month, it is an established term in all regions, you have to check the electric meter.