The counters are divided into two types – a drum with a digital sensor and with the usual dial. Remove the performance counter from the drum sensor is very simple – improve the numbers of reels of long slits every month and compare the new number with the previous to keep track of water consumption in each month.
Subtract from the new number of the previous and get the desired result – the amount of water spent during the reporting period.
On the analog gauge has multiple dials. Observe the large arrow, which gives tenths of a cubic metre (100 litres equal to one-tenth).
On the small dial counting cubic meters (1000 liters). Other dials indicate the tens, thousands and tens of thousands of cubic meters of water. Consider those numbers across the arrow in the desired direction from 0 to 9 and count the total number of gallons of water wasted in your home.
To trace a leak in the pipeline, tighten all faucets and check for leaks in the water in the bathroom and toilet. Then look at the counters. All indicators should be in place – if some of the indicators are moving, that means in some place the water is leaking.
Your task is to find and eliminate the leak in the pipes that these leaks did not increase the amount of money that you pay for the water.
The measured pass subscription service for data conversion into appropriate amount of hot and cold water in the usual way, or through the Internet.