You will need
  • - the readings of the water meter;
  • - receipt or invoice from the service provider (operator to receive payments);
  • - fountain pen;
  • paper;
  • calculator (not in all cases).
Secure the end of the month or on the day of payment of the current meter readings. Better write them down on a sheet of paper or in an electronic notebook. Or try to remember.
Give meter readings to the supplier of hot water, management company or agent to receive payments, if this requirement is included in the billing process for your region. The deadline, when it can be done, check with the vendor, agent or management company. For example, in Moscow the paper with the readings must be attributed to the management company or drop it by Fax to a certain number each month. Otherwise, charge at the rate based on the number of tenants registered in apartment.
Wait for invoice and pay it in any convenient way: through the savings Bank or another credit institution, accepting utility payments, post office, Bank card, through Internet banking, instant payment terminals and electronic payment systems - depending on the range of payment options available in your area.
Subtract from the current counter value paid last time, if the amount of the payment in your region should produce the consumer himself. For example, if you last paid on the basis of the evidence of 1400, and at the time of the current payment has run already 1500, then you have used 100 cubic meters of hot water.
Multiply the resulting difference by the price of one cubic meter of hot water. Prices you can check with the management company, service provider or agent is to receive payments in his favor. They are also published in the local media and on the websites of local authorities and services in the housing sector.
Pay the resulting amount is the most convenient of the available methods.