First, organize all receipts and proceed to the payment procedure. Enter the Internet service of the Bank data and the payment amount. Carefully read the conditions, you should not ask for a secret three-digit code and additional information. Print and save copies of payment orders.
For payment via Bank please visit the official website of the particular Department and sign up. Find the feature that allows you to make remote payments, and click on it. You will be asked to fill out a short form, and then sent by e-mail to activate with your login and password, perhaps a special secret code and keys. Carefully follow the step by step explanation of the system.
Then print out a Certificate of special key in two copies and return the document to the nearest branch of the Bank. You will be asked to write a special announcement for free and open access to the Internet to pay utility bills. To do this you have to tell the officer your information he will sign on behalf of the Bank the contract with you for services. One copy will stay with him, the second you.
The disadvantage of this system of payment is the necessity of constant replenishment of the Bank account in the required amount, thus, have to regularly Deposit funds into the account or transfer them directly from work to the personal account. This will notify the accountant of the Bank branch and the account number to which you want to transfer the monthly required amount of funds.
The fee for such services is not charged, you will receive a new payment method, if this is entered incorrectly, the system will not allow to transfer money from your account, thus protecting you from intruders. Through the Internet you can make payments for the rent, gas, telephone, intercom, lights, kindergarten, TV and many other services.