You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • account or card with Internet banking;
  • the details of the energy company;
  • is the balance sufficient for making the payment.
Subtract from actual meter readings previously paid for electricity consumption. Multiply the result by the rate per kilowatt-hour for their region. This will be the amount to be paid.
Log in to Internetbanking. If your electricity supplier is represented in the list of recipients of payments for services, select it, enter your identifier (for example, the account number stated in your payment book) and the amount of the payment, then give the command for payment.
If necessary, complete additional identification (payment password, rolling code, etc.).
If companies in the list of payees no, you can form a payment. Select the appropriate option in the interface, and then enter the recipient's details in the appropriate fields. All the information is on your payment book or other financial document from the supplier of electricity.
After the payment, you often can save payment as a template and continue to fill it with only the amount you need to transfer.