You will need
  • telephone, Internet access
When you put counters on the account in the "Directorate single customer", ask them to write the address of the website where you can fill out the form and submit testimony about the consumed water. Be careful, recording readings of water consumption. In all possible cases of data transfer you will need to record the last three digits of the factory number of the meter, as cold water and hot. This information is in the passport equipment. Taking readings from meters, only record the whole cubic meters.
Clear indications of counters of hot and cold water. Go to the website, where you will fill in "Form for the transmission of indications." In the form enter your address, account and phone number. Then in graphs of readings taken, check readings on the consumption of hot and cold water. Since subscription departments there is a schedule of information from citizens, we will specify which days of the month is best to send information, and do it in the designated time.
Besides using online resources, you can use a mobile phone. Some departments provide a subscriber the ability to transfer data received from water meters through the SNS message. Take the customer care office sample messages, which you will have to send monthly, and the phone number of readings.
You can also use the mailboxes if they are installed in the departments of reception of testimony. Some management companies also provide the opportunity. When making counters take several forms, in which you'll be able to enter readings, and putting them in the envelope, put it into a box.
The receipt for payment should be specified phone accounts. Call this number, report your data, give the figures recorded from the meters.