In order not to overpay for water and install meters for water use. However, to counter correctly showed information on the expenditure of water you need in the first place, to set healthy and appropriate data gospoverki counter. Of course, that your water bills are not high. And not to have to pay even more than is specified in the receipt, you should carefully check the plumbing. No stains, dripping faucets and pipes should not be. After all, it is "dripping" money.
To install the counters yourself only if you know how to do it. Otherwise, better call the wizard for installation. That was the first month as you are counters. To pay for consumed water, go to the counter. To take his statement.
Readings from the counter very easy. Take a look at the scoreboard. The last digit of a number indicate hundredths, thousandths and smaller segments are rapidly changing on the scoreboard. They reflect the quantity of used water right now. But for payment it is necessary to focus on the first numbers in the series.
To write off current numbers from your meter you need in the middle of the month. In addition, indicate the numbers from last month. These data must be submitted to the housing office or the HOA. And in a week they will send you a receipt for payment of water consumed.
How to read a water meter
Don't be surprised if in the receipt you will find that for cold water you have attributed 40 rubles. Utilities that explain the cost of washing the stairs, in the entrance to some house leakage.