You will need
  • code of the payer;
  • - indications of water consumption.
Share readings of water meters via the Internet is possible only after transfer of primary evidence through IP or DCP. This will open the possibility of remote service.
To transmit readings of water meters, must undergo the initial registration at the Moscow state services portal For this you need to specify the full name, social security number, email address and mobile phone number.
On the website choose option "taking readings" (address of service On the opened page you need to specify the unique code of the payer (it can be found in the Uniform payment document) and data of water consumption over the past month in cubic meters.
The system includes automatic validation of user input. It would not take readings less than the calibration value and less than the values from previous readings. Also enter the value of the volume of water used may not significantly exceed the standards of water consumption. Today they are 11,68 cubic m on the person monthly, of which - 6,935 falls on the cold water and 4,745 - hot.
After transferring the data of water consumption, you will get the calculated amount to the payment of utility bills next month. Through the portal of state services it is possible not only to transmit the meter readings of water, but also to pay utility bills. To do this, go to the "Payment of state and municipal services".