To pay for water consumption by metering is much more profitable than the average fare for each person. The installation of water meters quickly pays for itself.
If you have the apartment has two metering device, meter readings, subtract the previous statement and multiply it by the current rate. For cold water – on a tariff rate of cold water, for hot water – at the tariff rate of hot water.
If you have benefits, then enter the sum of the benefits paid and consumed water according to the amount of benefits.
When installed in the apartment a few meters, the water is considered for each counter separately. Readings of metering devices of hot water together and multiply by the rate of hot water. Indications of cold water fold and multiply by the rate of cold water. The amount of pay subject to the privileges, if any.
The amount of drainage is calculated based on the consumption of hot and cold water.
To remove the counters and pay for the consumed waterneed on a monthly basis.