Making any awards with industry, municipal, or state level, is regulated by a special document. Examine the position of the reward to which your company is your employees. These provisions are even diplomas, which are awarded workers of branch ministries, administrations of municipalities.
Whatever the unified form of specifications, there are requirements for its completion. Note that the name of the role and place of the employee's work submitted for the award, should the text characteristics to be specified completely without using abbreviations.
State awards, which was awarded the employee list with their full name and year of receipt. Awards of ministries and departments, public organizations, Federal agencies, specify in a separate paragraph.
In the section characteristics on work awarded, the organization and the position held, list in strict accordance with the records in the workbook, a separate line indicating the month and year when he went to work and was fired from her. The last entry on the present place of work must match the one specified in the header information.
Text features post compact, its volume should not exceed one page. Usually, if other requirements are not specified in the regulation on the award, use fonts size 12 or 14.
The main section features the awarding of detail will reflect the nature and degree of the merits of the employee to the state, a municipality or industry. Pay special attention to the last five years of its operation. The degree of merit should correspond to the status of the awards to which you represent it. Duties performed by the employee are not the reason for the award, and is not allowed to specify them as merits. These include some outstanding results of his work.
Facts promotion of an employee of the regional and departmental awards will reflect in the final part of the characteristics with the date of the award.