You will need
  • - a sheet of white paper;
  • - ballpoint pen.
Take a clean sheet of A4 paper. At the center of the page or in the upper right corner with a capital letter write the word "Characteristic". Then in the genitive to specify the surname, name, patronymic of the son, year of birth, grade, name of institution and locality where it is located.
The left side of the sheet, stepping back from the edge, write the information about how has proved to be the son during the whole time of stay in the institution, putting its name in the beginning of the sentence. Use phrases such as disciplined, attentive, assiduous, diligent, actively involved in social activities, etc.
Impartially assess and inform the text characteristics on the abilities and successes of the son in the educational process. Specify what items he mastered with the greatest ease, how much time spends on the preparation of homework assignments as carefully and fully comply with them.
Write about those subjects that require son the most attention, concentration and, as a consequence, the time of development. Mention about how the child copes with the difficulties encountered in teaching. This may be information about the use of the son of additional sessions with a teacher or a tutor, enlisting the help of parents or reinforced self-study.
Focus and specify in the feature, which kind of memory the most well developed in the son. It can be auditory, visual, mechanical, or mixed. Think about the development of his thinking. It is, as the memory is divided into several types: imaginative, creative, logical, and specific. Detailed family characteristics will provide a more complete and correct view of the child.
Write down what sports or art is fond of the son, which sections or clubs he attends. Than like to do in spare and time. Let in the description about what a success he received the promotion, certificates or awards.
Be sure to note the active participation of the son in the social life of the educational institution. Tell us about the tournaments, contests and competitions in which he participated.
Sensibly rate the relationship of the child with peers in the team. Write in the description about how he's friendly, communicative, attentive to its surroundings, or closed, or kept silent. Specify the information that the parents show to the child proper attention and participate actively in his education.
Write in the description the name of the institution for which it was derived. Under the text in the center of the sheet for your signature. In the lower right corner - its transcript, indicating surname and initials. Indicate the day, month and year of writing.