Begin to characterize the writing of the header "Characteristic". Next, specify the full name of the organization on whose behalf a document is drawn up provide information about the athlete. Fill in her name, patronymic and surname, date of birth, complete education characterized and indicate which sports organizations he was and at what time. Be sure to fill in the feature of sport, sports specialization, if any, as well as degrees, titles and ranks. If the athlete has a specialized education, indicate what school and when he trained, specialty.
Briefly tell us about the participation in competitions and received prizes and awards. Assessment of emotional involvement of an athlete should not do. More specify the dates of the competition, their full name, the received places and prizes. If the data in this part of the characteristic is enough, divide them into those which the athlete has achieved prior to the entry into the organization and those he has achieved in sport organizations. When you do this, be sure to provide the date of entry described in the club section or sports school. Here, specify the sporting success that the athlete achieved within the organization, about his success in the sports growth. Brief list of its achievements within the organization, titles, grades, and degree.
In the next part features write about the inner qualities of the athlete. To them in the first place are the ability to build relationships within the team, to work in a team. This is of great importance in team sports, but also valued individual. Mark the relationship of the athlete with other members of the organization, with the management and athletes from other communities. Rate characterized by the ability to leading and coaching.
Note competitive experience characterized, knowledge of chosen sport and about sport in General, there is interest in the experiences of other athletes and coaches, the ability to self-education, discipline.
Briefly tell us about the features of the training process, on the activity of the athlete in training, ability to conduct independent training quality, the ability to achieve goals accurately and on time, ability to take responsibility for failures, the ability to plan training process and monitor its progress.
In the final part of the document specify the purpose of the compilation, in what kind of organization is required. Reassure the characteristic signature of trainer, signature and seal of the head of the sports organization.