You will need
  • receipts, account number, Bank card, Internet, telephone.
Visit the billing center. If you don't know the exact amount that must be paid in the current month for the provision of housing services, go to the billing center. Its location can be find out using the Internet. When you come to the right place, most likely, you will need to defend the place. After that, you will be given a new receipt and will tell you the size of the debt. This option is extremely inconvenient if your work day ends after 18:00.
Go to the website of the Bank. Many sites are popular banks in the section for individuals to post a service for payment of utility bills. In these sections you can not only pay your existing debt through the Bank, but look at its size for a period not exceeding six months. You don't have to leave home and waste your time. Check your account will take you no more than 5 min.
Use one of the ATMs. If you have an old receipt, take it and walk to the nearest ATM. Select menu "Payment of utilities" and enter the month you are interested in. There appears the amount you owe. You can do this immediately by clicking the button "Pay".
Visit the Bank with the old receipt. If you do not wish to use the Internet, just take your receipt and visit the nearest branch of the Bank. The window for accepting payments will tell you the amount of your debt.
Call the management company and ask the Manager to indicate you the amount you need to pay. What is your address and name in order that they can provide you with the requested information. However, this method does not work in all cases - some management companies notification of payment comes with large delays, up to two months. If your Department works under the scheme, the status of his account to know to be quite problematic.