Advice 1: How to pay the tax without a receipt

Every month taxpayers to pay certain taxes. But what if the receipt for the tax did not come or did you lose it? How not to get in trouble when departing abroad, learning at the airport that you are violating the law? What to do to get charged penalties and interest?
How to pay the tax without a receipt
You will need
  • -Internet;
  • -room of your INN;
  • your full name.
Since December 2009 for taxpayers individuals has created an information service on the website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia it's called "Find out Your Debt" - follow this link, fill in the required fields (TIN, name).
View information about its tax debts and penalties that currently exist, or about its absence.
If you still have something, then simply print the payment documents that are just those receiptswhich can be paid tax.
Take your printed AP for payment, existing debt, and feel free to go to any branch of the Bank, all necessary details will be automatically populated in the payment.
If for any reason you have no access to the Internet, either in your area this information service is not working, here contact your local tax office and ask them to make you a verification of payment of taxes. Statement write in any form in two copies, one to leave in the office, but the second take away with them, not forgetting to put the Secretary of the incoming number. Be sure to specify the period for which you would like to find out information.
In fact the act of verification of calculations of taxes that you print a duplicate receipt, your existing debts, if any.
Remember, in the Russian legislation provides responsibility for evasion from payment of taxes. And not knowing does not release you from liability.
Useful advice
It happens that the taxpayer does not agree with the information provided by the Internet service "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer", then feel free to contact the tax office at the place of your registration, i.e. registration for specification, verification of your data.

Advice 2: How to pay taxes

Currently, there are many ways to pay the taxes. Before the tax payment deadline, you get a tax notice. Next, you have the opportunity to act in several ways.
How to pay taxes

The first way is to pay the tax through the payment terminal of the savings Bank of Russia. Thanks to simple, clear and convenient interface these terminals to make the payment through them and can even people not versed and inexperienced in such matters. Through terminals of Sberbank of Russia you can pay any type of tax, whether it be utility bills, land tax, tax on property of physical persons, the transport tax, penny and fines. And most importantly, if you pay through the terminal of Sberbank of Russia will not be charged a fee, i.e. how much cash you made so much and were credited to the recipient. If you came to the decision to pay tax through the terminal of Sberbank of Russia, something to do in this case, you need the following.

When paying with a credit card:

  1. Insert your card in the slot that says CARD.

  2. Enter the PIN code.

  3. Select "Payments".

  4. Select the payment type.

  5. Select the payee's tax service in your area. Most often such information is stated on the tax notice.

  6. Enter the code shown on the receipt in the upper left corner or, if available, simply bring the bar code reading scanner, and then this 15-digit identification code will be entered automatically.

  7. Click "Continue" and verify the information.

  8. If everything is correct, then "Accept".

  9. Take the check.

If paying by cash:

  1. Select "cash".

  2. Then with the second 7 paragraph act the same as if you paid by credit card.

  3. Select "Deposit cash".

  4. Insert cash into the bill acceptor. Putting the terminal does not give, therefore, the overpayment will be referred to bill subsequent fees for this tax.

  5. Then proceed the same as if you paid by credit card.

You have alternative to working with the terminal. You can make a payment the old-fashioned way - by mail. The disadvantages of such a payment – slow service, the queue. You can also make the payment through e-cashier of the savings Bank. You will need to enter in the appropriate fields your passport data, identification number of the tax notice and your PIN. But to do this you will have at your own risk, as the theft of PIN codes through the Internet is currently thriving.

Advice 3: How to print a borderless document

Printing a document is one of the simplest and most common task for which use home computers and printers. However, even in such a simple action, there is a specific setting, due to structural features of the printers.
How to print a borderless document
Any programs that allow you to create documents, as a rule, operate on setting print areas that you can configure. To print a document without fields, go to the main menu, e.g. "File/Print" - "page setup" and delete the installed size of the print area.
However, despite the capabilities of the software settings to print a document without fields is not always obtained. The fact that most of the printers due to design features forced to leave gaps at the edges. That is, if you wish to print black sheet, you will see a black sheet with a white border. The size of these "blind areas" every printer his own. In laser printers, it is smaller than the jet. If you programmatically set the size of the fieldssmaller than can withstand a specific printer, then got the information they simply will not be printed.
Thus, if you are using the usual home or office printer, then print the document without the field entirely impossible, as it is necessary to leave a small gap around the edges of the sheet. However, if you need to print a big picture, stretched on multiple sheets, a small box will be even better because they can be used to merge the resulting image. You can also adjust this feature of the printers and after printing of the image to crop it at the edges or pre-design the pages so that the small fields seemed organically.

Advice 4: How to pay the fine without a receipt

To pay the fines need as quickly as possible to avoid problems. But it often happens that the receipt for payment is lost. And to pay the required amount seems impossible. However, there are many ways how to pay the debt without receipts.
How to pay the fine without a receipt
First, a penalty without a receipt you can pay on the spot. Basically, it applies to traffic fines. You can pay as soon as you issued a decree on the payment of a fine. In order to take your money legally, the inspectors give out cash registers.
How to pay the fine without a <b>receipt</b>
In order to pay the fine without a receipt, you can use the Internet. To start, go to the website, select the relevant category of "fines and state duties". Here you need to enter your data: surname, name, patronymic and depending on what the penalty is written, the document number. For example, if you have a fine at the traffic police indicate driver's license number. And the system will give you all the information. In order to pay the fine, you just have to write off all the data. And then pay either via the Internet or through specialized payment terminals.
Exist for payment of fines without receipts and such special terminals, which need only be paid in the relevant fields driver's license number. It is in response to the findings will give you all the information on your penalties and will offer to pay for them.
How to pay the fine without a <b>receipt</b>
Another option, however, for those who pay a fine tight to pay for it via the bailiffs. When the summons comes that you must pay the fine, you need to go to them in the Department. Right there on the spot and, most importantly, without any receipts to pay the debt. The advantage of this method - no queues. Yes, and the marshals on the database will check whether you have other debts.
How to pay the fine without a <b>receipt</b>
You can also take the help of mobile operators. If a receipt is lost, you can find the amount you need to pay via SMS message, and then to pay the debt through the terminal. To find out how much money you have state, you need to send SMS-request to number 9112 (for all mobile operators are one), where you specify the following: traffic, space, number of vehicle, blank, no driver's license. This service cost 40 rubles. But you will find all necessary information and will be able to pay the fine in any place convenient for you.
How to pay the fine without a <b>receipt</b>
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