To learn more about your possible back taxes, go to the website of the Federal tax service
Top right, select "individuals" and then "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer". Next, agree to the terms and conditions of service.
In the appropriate fields enter the name, surname, identification number.
Then will appear the information about your taxes. If the debt you have, you can optionally print immediately a receipt in order to pay off debts in the near Bank. If debt you do not, then the screen shows the message "there was no outstanding balance". In personal Cabinet you will see the following data in tabular form: type of tax, type of debt and its amount, the coordinates tax office (phone, address).
Be sure to inquire about tax debt before you travel abroad. In case of availability you will not be able to leave until full repayment of the debt.
Check regularly for information about taxes. This way you will be able to obtain information about overdue taxes on time and avoid daily penalty fees. Especially now that test your taxes much easier. You do not even need to visit the tax office.
Don't worry about the security and confidentiality of your personal data. Because all personal data that the user enters, via a secure channel is sent to the server of the Federal tax service. Information about your data is strictly encrypted and therefore, in any case can not be accessed by third parties.
Rates all taxes specified in the Tax code of the Russian Federation. Some tax rates are set by local regulations of various Federal entities: for example, the transport tax. If you have any questions do not hesitate to disturb your tax inspector a phone call.