View account receipt, which are monthly bring to your Inbox. It will show not only the total amount to be paid, but also detailing your calls.
Find out data from your personal account. Now, many phone companies offer their customers the registration on the official website. After filling out the necessary forms, you will receive a username and password. After authorization on the website you will be redirected to your account. There will be data about the tariff plan that you have. And what amount is now in your account and which needs to be paid for the services of the past month.
Call the support service. For example, if you use services of "Rostelecom" (the leader on Russian market of telephony), then dial the number 8-800-4500-151. The support services technician will need to provide name of the subscriber, with whom a contract for services and phone number, the debt on which you want to find out. Some operators also ask the home address of the client.
If you use the services of home telephony from the company U-tel, in addition to the above methods, you have the opportunity to order of payment receipt by e-mail. It is enough to come to the office and ask the specialist to prescribe e-mailbox in the contract. This can be done through the Uкабинет.