You will need
  • Code was;
  • - passport details;
  • - the Internet.
Find out its debt on the website of the Federal tax service, which since July 2009 has introduced the possibility of verification of debts with the help of the Internet. Go to the official website of the FTS of the Russian Federation, located on the link On the page that appears at the top of the vertical menu where you choose "Electronic services" and go to "my account tax for individuals". There will be information about this service. Locate the section dedicated to the taxes and go into it.
Read the terms and conditions, which include the amounts due to individuals taxes. Click "Yes, I agree" if you are willing to provide their personal data.
A form will appear with details of the payer, fill in all required data, be careful when entering the code was. Select the drop down menu my region of residence stated in the residence permit. Get the picture with protection from robots enter verification code, then click "search".
If any data is incorrect, the service will display the appropriate message, after which you will need to make all the necessary corrections. If you see the words "On your request nothing has been found", it means that the debts to the budget, you do not have. Otherwise, a page will appear with the amount of debt with the associated tax. If you want to pay the debt, you can download from the website of the FTS of the Russian Federation the payment document, which can be treated in any convenient Bank.
Check debts through SMS-services, if it is not possible to use the Internet. Use short number 4345 that you want to send a message "FSSP – your INN" or "FSSP – series and passport number". After some time, you will receive a message about the availability of debt. The cost of this service is 5 rubles without VAT. You can also use the room 8-950-341-00-00, which is enough to send your VAT, but the fee for service is set by the tariff plan of the mobile operator.