To find out if you have debts, a variety of ways. The easiest way is the case with banks, if you took out a loan and had not paid the principal debt or the interest, the Bank staff will periodically call you and send reminder letters. Not to wait for such alerts, you can personally contact the branch in which they entered into a loan agreement and ask them to refer you to the Manager, which leads your business.
If you have opened a Bank account or credit card, please fill out the access to the personal account through the Internet. On a separate page will collect information about your debts on the loan. You don't even have to leave home to obtain the necessary information.
Data on debts on payment of taxes on vehicles, land or other real estate can be found on the official website of the Federal tax service of Russia. Open the page at in the section "E-services" then click "Know your debt" agree to rules of providing information.
On the updated page, fill in the fields marked with a red asterisk, enter the verification code from the image and click "Find". Upon request will be the list. From this page you can print out a filled receipt for payment, you should contact the Bank.
The debts to the budget include administrative fines. To obtain the desired information, please contact the organization to penalize or use the online service. Comfortable enough in this regard, the Portal of state services of the Russian Federation. It is possible to obtain information about the taxes and the fines.
Visit the page at sign up, log in and select from the available sections that you need. Fill in the fields that offer the system and read the results. If you have no debt, you will be notified about this.
If you are not able to join the network, contact the territorial tax body at the place of registration. In certain cases, to obtain information will help the bailiffs also on your place of residence, as writs, including issued on the basis of the default judgment, which you might not know comes to the Federal service of bailiffs.