You will need
  • phone;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - the passport.
Find out the amount of debt directly in the housing Department (housing management) is a organization which serves your house. Call this institution, what is your address and name. Experts will quickly tell you about the debt. Find phone the housing Department and other institutions providing you with utilities (electricity suppliers, water, gas) – no problem. They are in local telephone directories and on the Bulletin boards and websites.
Another, more modern way of finding the right information – the Internet. Of course, not every Russian citizen has the opportunity and skills to learn about the amount of debt through the world wide web, but if scientific progress has reached you, why wouldn't they have used? The residents of Moscow, for example, was lucky. They the amount of your debt can learn by visiting the website of "Bank of Moscow" in the category of "Rents" ( Enter in the required field code of the payer and the payment period, and the system will soon show whether you have debt and for what period.
Muscovites also were lucky with the calculations for electricity and telephone. To obtain information on the first service, sending to phone "Mosenergosbyt" SMS. And to know the amount owed for the phone, just go to the website MGTS. To do so, first open "my account" contact your employees and they will give you a password to log into the account, where username would be your phone number.
In the regions the situation with debts for utility bills more difficult. But it is possible that the local branch of a well-elaborated simplified procedures for providing information. In any case, when a large amount of debt you must inform the appropriate letter.