You will need
  • • Personal computer with Internet access;
  • • Individual tax number (Certificate on statement on accounting in tax authority);
  • • Connected to PC or network printer.
  • • Set the computer program to read the file format .pdf
If you don't have time for a lengthy Queuing in the box to the tax inspector to find out about your debt taxes, you can easily get the information you need and even print a receipt for payment of your taxes from the comfort of home. For your convenience, the website of the Federal tax service of Russia developed the service "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer".

Go to the official website of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation, find the tab "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer".
How to see your taxes
Each entry in the "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer", you consent to the use of your personal information. If you do not agree with the terms personal data, unfortunately, to use this service then you can't. So, click on the button "I agree" and move on.
How to see your taxes
In the window details of the taxpayer complete the personal data fields in the left part of the form marked with an asterisk. In the right box, don't forget to drive the combination of digits displayed in a distorted way over the field. If you did not quite catch the content of the labels, click "Get another image". When all fields are filled, click "Search".
How to see your taxes
In the "List of debts" will display the process of their search for your personal information. It may take some time.
How to see your taxes
The next window displays a table listing your back taxes and penalties.

Then you can immediately print a receipt for their payment. To do this, place a tick in the box at the end of the row with your arrears of tax, and click "Create". If you have not yet installed the reader pdf files, from this window, you can download Adobe Reader direct link.
How to see your taxes
After clicking "Create" a receipt for payment of this tax will appear in the Adobe Reader window or the other, working with pdf.

For each of debt receipt form separately. So to keep the "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer" until you form all receipts for your debts.
How to see your taxes
Some time after the payment of bills in the Bank's branches or other items of payment, tax payments, check the status of your list of debts again and visit the "Personal Cabinet of the taxpayer". Debt must be written off.