You will need
  • - telephone, fixed or mobile;
  • - visit to the office of the operator;
  • - computer with Internet access.
If you live in the same city where you have installed the phone, for which you want to pay and have enough time to visit phoneing company, can know the amount to be paid on the spot.
The larger the city, the more the phonecompany Noah points of customer service. In smaller regional or district centre it can be one of the whole city.
You can find addresses to phonegovernmental accounts, the operator's website or by phone, which is also usually specified in the accounts and the website operator (if any).
By visiting the office during working hours, contact box and let your room phone. If you have money can produce and paid in the same window, or the box office.
Source of information about the phoneMr. number where you can learn about debt, is also a bill from the phonecompany Noi and in the presence of her website. In most cases, for these cases, there is a separate room.
When you call tell your room telephoneand let the desire to know the amount to be paid. In some companies, unable to identify to ask in whose name a contract of provision of services.
Although today many phonebusinesses have their own websites, the ability to find out a debt through the Internet to provide a few of them.
For example, the Moscow fixed line operator MGTS allows its subscribers to do this through a personal account on the website.
But first you will need to obtain the password to log in to any the company's office or by calling the number listed on the website. The username is your phone.
In other regions, the availability and terms necessary to specify the operator.