Please contact the Registrar's office where it was issued lost/damaged certificate of birth. Write an application for issuance of a duplicate. Remember that the right to receive the duplicate is for the child who has reached adulthood, his parents not deprived of parental rights), guardians/caregivers and interested persons acting as a notarized power of attorney from the parents or the adult child. The statement include not only personal data of the child and his parents, but the reason why you need a new document.
Pay the state fee to the account specified at the information stand in the registry office. Re-certificate will be issued immediately after the submission of the application and receipt confirming payment of the fee.
Write a letter to the Department of the Registrar, if the lost/damaged document has been issued in another region, and you are not able to get there personally. Enter the details of the person whose document you require, their place of residence and the address of the nearest registry office where you can apply for re-certificate. The document will be mailed to your specified Registrar. The further procedure of obtaining the duplicate does not differ from that described above.
Refer to the archives of the Chief of the registry office your region, if you do not know in what Department of the registry office of the city has received the certificate of birth. If there is a record of birth, you will be issued a duplicate document. In the absence of such a record (for example, if it was destroyed during the war or by fire) the new certificate of birth can be obtained only in a judicial order. The fact of birth will be determined on the basis of testimony and other available documents. Only after that the court will instruct the Registrar's office to make a new registration of birth and issue you the appropriate document.