Come to the district Registrar in which you registered your child (where he received a certificate of the birth of the child). If you live at the moment in another city and to get to that registry office is not possible, go to the Registrar of the district where you live now.
Write a statement of the appropriate form in the Registrar's office, where he received a certificate. To it attach a passport dads and moms, a certificate of marriage. Receipt of payment of the prescribed state fee for restoration of lost documents. Duplicate of the certificate of birth is issued in one day.
Write an application to the Registrar of the district where live now, if you do not have the opportunity to visit the registry office which received the certificate. In this case, the Registrar at the place of residence will send a request to where you got the certificate in providing you the duplicate of the lost document. This procedure will take some more time.
Contact the court with a completed application form, if you request a certificate of birth from the Registrar's office does not work. The application shall be considered by the court only if the response of the Registrar in writing about the impossibility of providing you with a duplicate of a lost certificate.
Send the application form to the Registrar by mail, if it is not possible to visit the body at the place of issue of certificate of birth in person. The statement shall be attached copies of parents ' passports, marriage certificate and receipt of payment of the appropriate registration fee. A duplicate of the lost document sent by post to the address specified.
Write an application to the Registrar for re-obtaining the certificate of birth, if you deal with this issue personally, and parents can't help you (for example, deprived of parental rights, divorced, etc.). The Registrar will deny you on the grounds that in this situation, to establish the identity of applicant is not possible. Are you appealing the refusal in court. In court, your identity is established. After its entry into legal force of a judgment, the Registrar will issue you a duplicate certificate.