In order to obtain the certificate of birth of the child (and also officially register the fact of its birth), must apply to the Registrar at the place of birth of the baby (or the place of residence of his parents or one of them). The statement must attach a certificate of birth of the baby (it is given in the hospital) and the passports of both parents (single mothers – just your passport). In addition, since in the certificate of birth indicated that only information about the mother of the baby, you will need to submit the documents on the basis of which the certificate will enter the father of the child. It could be a marriage certificate, a court decision or a joint statement of both parents.
If the marriage between the parents of the child was officially – apply to the Registrar any of the parents. If the registration is managed by dad, the information on the mother will be made on the basis of information from the hospital. The parents are not married, it is best to come to check the baby together and write a joint statement.
When registering, the baby gets the same name as the parent. If mom and dad have different names, then by agreement of the parents of the child can record on any of them. The name of the child choose the parents, and the patronymic is written in the name of the father. If the child registers a single mother, the middle name for the baby she chooses independently, and the data of the father may not be specified.
If none of the parents of the child can not personally appear before the Registrar for registration of newborn, evidence of birth can obtain the family of one of the parents (with a passport and a power of attorney from the parents or the hospital staff where the baby was born.