At discharge from the hospital my mother gets in the hands of three documents: card mothers card birth certificate, proof of child's birth. Map mothers should be referred to the clinic local therapist, pass – by place of work or to the clinic for the calculation of benefits. And with the help of the child's birth go to the registry office.

At the registry office you will be given a birth certificate of the child. This tightening is not necessary: the certificate is valid for 30 days. But you, in addition to the certificate, you need to do a lot of other documents. In the registry office fill out an application, provide copies of parents ' passports and certificate of marriage for entering information about the father. The request must be signed by at least one of the parents. Usually the witness doing during the day.

Next, make a registration. With the evidence and the passport of one of parents go to the local housing office. Registration is usually a few days. Upon receipt of the certificate of registration will ask for at least 3 references of family members. Will come in handy.

One of the references together with a package of other documents must be submitted to the Department of education to provide a place in kindergarten.

With the second help dad have to go to work – he will provide a tax deduction for the child.

If you have a large family, the third reference go to the social security office – you must recalculate the rent and provide a number of other benefits. Ibid ordered SNILS.

Next, make INN. It can be ordered in the tax inspection (package of necessary documents is usually the standard: passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, parents ' INN) or the Multifunctional centre for social services to the population.

After receipt of these documents is assigned to the child citizenship. This procedure is simplified. The Department of Federal migration service you provide birth certificate of the child registration certificate, the passport of the parents. Within 7 working days the staff of the FMS in your passport to affix the stamp, and information about the child is entered into their database.

Finally, we order a medical insurance policy. Despite the fact that infants of this policy, there is support for the policy of the mother. But to get free medicines and baby food will need it. The policy can be issued in any clinic, not necessarily the place of residence or in private accredited insurance companies. After the order policy you will be given a certificate which you are required to serve. Policy normally do for about a month. You will need: a passport of one of parents with a residence permit and mark the presence of the child and the birth certificate of the child.