Find out whether you are a preferential category of citizens who can get free kids meals. This food is provided:
all children from birth to two years;
- children up to three years, if the child is from a large family;
- children up to 15 years if they suffer from any chronic disease;
- children up to 18 years if the child has decorated a disability. In many regions free meals to children up to two years issued only to poor families, therefore, must have the income certificate of the family.
To get a prescription for infant food. It is necessary to visit the district children's clinic pediatrician. He must issue a certificate that allows you to get free kids meals at the dairy kitchen. In this reference, the recipe will specify the permitted amount of free meals: the product name and quantity, which will be handed at each visit.
The prescription is usually issued for a specified period (depending on category of benefits and the age of the child). Therefore, when the end of the period of validity of the certificate, it will need to again. For design recipe for all special categories of children (in addition to the age of two years) must provide proof of benefits: a certificate of disability or proof that the child from a large family. Such documents are issued in the bodies of social protection of the population.
Help for dairy food must have the signature of pediatrician, issuing, signature of the head of the pediatric clinic and the stamp of the clinic. Signature of the head you can get by or leave to the nurse the help that she gave to sign. Then at the reception children's clinic for the prescription is stamped.
Find out the location of the milk-distributing point. Each address assigned to a specific branch of children's dairy kitchen, to clarify the location and time available at the registration Desk of the children's clinic. Typically, the operation of the institution issuing free children's meals, installed from 6.30 to 10.00 h local time.
Obtained from the pediatrician recipe should be attributed to dairy-distributing point, where it registers, assigns room and tell which days will be given food. I will have to come to appointed days to sign and get the products for the baby.