You will need
  • - an appeal to the charity Fund;
  • - the documents confirming your right to humanitarian assistance.
Now there are many charities involved in providing humanitarian assistance. They are created at the expense of funds of States, individuals, NGOs, religious communities, etc. to get humanitarian aid, find out what specializiruetsya a particular Fund.
There are charities that provide care exclusively for children or certain categories of the population. For example, UNICEF specializiruetsya mainly on providing humanitarian assistance to women and children. Fund United Nations population supports projects in the field of reproductive health in crisis situations.
And the Office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees deals with the problems of displaced persons. If you fit the target program of the Fund, apply for receiving cash or other things you need in a local branch or representative office of famous international or private foundations.
Humanitarian assistance is provided both to individuals and organizations, concluding with Fund the contract. The contract usually describes the type of assistance, expressed in numerical indices. Usually large international funds work with different public unions in the field which deliver humanitarian aid is the ultimate "consumer".
Since charities must be accountable to their founders about the work and the money spent, it is desirable to take care of the documents proving your plight. For example, kindergarten for humanitarian assistance need to take a picture of the material-technical base and facilities they possess, children, etc. If money is needed for surgery, a medical certificate with diagnosis and information about operations, etc.
Humanitarian assistance is often provided by Church entities. For example, Russian in America can receive humanitarian assistance in the churches where it is issued on certain days. There are also official places from the state. However, there is a need to display a special certificate issued by the social services, as officially poor.