You will need
  • passports of all family members, information about wages of employment of working family members, some other documents
To obtain free food for baby under 2 years of age, you should prepare all necessary documents, and then already to address to the appropriate service. The social worker will need to examine all of the supplied paper, and on this basis to issue a certificate stating that your family is in need receive free meals on the child.
You will need passports for all family members and proof of kinship. These include birth certificates of children, proof of the marriage. If at the time of filing your marriage annulled, you must provide the original certificate of divorce.
Be sure to take an extract from the personal account or a certificate of family composition, which can give professionals the management company. If the documents will indicate that you are living together with parents or other close relatives, you will need to write a statement about what you do with them have a separated household. This is necessary in those cases, if you do not wish to have their income taken into account in the assessment of your financial situation.
Be sure to prepare salary certificates of all employed family members. You can get them in the accounting Department. Remember that accounting is required for all types of income : earned income allowance and maternity leave, pension transfers and child support.
Provide specialist social services copy of work record, certified by the employers. If one of family members not running for a good cause, he must be the original work book.
Together with income statements provide specialist copies of employment record books certified by the employers. If one of family members not running for a good cause, he must provide an original of the work book and certificate from the labour exchange. If able-bodied family member not working without good reason and thus is not registered for unemployment, the results of nutrition may be denied.
After receiving a certificate of the established sample, contact your pediatrician, who must write a prescription for free supply with indication of its number. With this recipe please contact the point of delivery of dry milk products, located at the children's clinic. Please note that in most institutions the issue of power is performed only on certain days of the week.