At the first reception of the baby by a paediatrician and parents have to offer the recipe for dairy-distributing point. Similar points exist throughout Russia and in everyday life are called simply "milk kitchen". However, all regions put their own conditions on the results of dairy products.

Who is required to issue prescriptions on the dairy kitchen

The right to receive products on a milk-distributing points have all kids. It does not depend on the health of the baby, or method of feeding or any other medical indications.

If when you visit the children's clinic the doctor is not offering you to write such a prescription, then be sure to raise this question for yourself. When the doctor refuses, you can apply to the superior staff of the clinic or the health Department.

In Moscow, for example, baby food is given to all children who have permanent or temporary registration from the moment of birth to two years.

The results are changed every 2 days strictly on prescription. It is obligatory to receive a new prescription from the pediatrician every month to the 20th day.

What gives milk the kitchen at different ages

The range issued to a milk-distributing points products depends on the age of the child and usually varies up to six months after.

Children birth to years of life at the dairy kitchen have to give the dry and milk mixture.

Metropolitan laws baby under 6 months, put the dry and milk mixture. Moreover, the dry mixture is issued for a time less milk and more.

In the first month of a child's life you can get 6 bags of dry and 1 pack of dairy mixes a day, from 2 to 4 month – 5 dry and 2 of sour milk, 5 to 6 – 3 dry and 2 of sour milk.

After six months, the number of issued quantity of dry mixture is reduced to 2 sachets per day since 8 months, and milk – up to 1, since 7 months. With six months give a different milk formula for babies older.

Since 5-7 months, in addition to these products, you can also get milk, cheese and yogurt. All of these baby milk products are issued by 1 package or container in a day.

Since 5-7 months, issued by the dairy kitchen products milk, cheese and yogurt, which can be received until the child reaches two years of age.

After a year it is possible to obtain on dairy kitchens only milk, yogurt and cottage cheese. The results of the mixtures were terminated when the child reaches the age of 12 months.