To gain power in the dairy kitchen find out whether the food in your town and on what terms. Typically, such information can be obtained from the Department of health.
If your town provides for the issuance of nutrition on dairy kitchen, you would need to go to the pediatrician in the clinic in which you see your child. The pediatrician will write you a prescription for food for a month, which will indicate the composition and quantity of supply. Also, you will be assigned a number, which you will need to call in each time you visit the dairy kitchen. This number is recorded in the medical card of the child.
Ask for a prescription to receive meals each month to the 25th.
After receiving the prescription take it to the dairy kitchen, which relates to your site. Recipe taken from you. In the future each time you visit you'll call your number and get the proper nutrition.
Note the mode of operation of the dairy kitchen. Usually the results the products produce early in the morning, once in two days. Often, if you only get milk, you can come once in five days.
In some cases you can negotiate with pediatricians about replacing certain items in the list of products issued. For example, if your child is happy to eat cottage cheese, but whole milk allergic, ask your pediatrician whether there is a possibility to replace milk for an extra dose of cheese. It happens that the physician has the opportunity to meet you.