The poor recognized as citizens with an income lower than the subsistence minimum established in the region. For the recognition of a needy family is required to prove that the average per capita income in the family below the subsistence level. Documents on assignment of the status of the poor, must be submitted to the local social security authorities. Below we give a list of these documents.
Certificate of family composition. It is issued in place of registration. If family members have different addresses, you will need to provide information about family members with each site registration.
Passports and birth certificates of children, as well as copies of these documents.
Documents confirming the income for the last 3 months. As a rule, the certificate on form 2-NDFL of employment of each working family member.
Unemployed citizens provide help with labour exchanges and a certificate from the pension Fund that they are not involved in entrepreneurial activity. And workbook or a copy certified by a notary. Social benefits, pensions and other social payments are considered income, so you will need to provide information about them.
Certificate of conclusion/termination of the marriage or death of a spouse and its copy.
Statement on the recognition of the poor (needy family). Is completed during the appointment.
In some regions, for example, in Moscow and the Moscow region, is required to provide information about the existing ownership of real estate and of real estate rental or hiring.