Advice 1: What documents are required documents for obtaining free baby food

Almost every family has the opportunity to receive free baby food for children up to two years, on artificial or mixed feeding. This saves the family budget.
baby food
You will need
  • – Application for issuance of a certificate;
  • – the passport of the parent (or person in Loco parentis);
  • – birth certificate of the child;
  • – certificate on family composition;
  • – income of all family members;
  • – copy of work record card, if able-bodied family member not working;
  • – copy of certificate of divorce (if the parents ' marriage dissolved);
  • – information about the child support (paid and received);
  • – a written notice from parent (or person in Loco parentis) about not receiving help for free holiday special dairy products at the place of residence;
  • - recipe from pediatrician to receive free baby food.
View legislative acts adopted for enforcement in your area to ensure families with children with free meals.
Free baby food in Russia are provided to all children up to 2 years life under mixed or artificial feeding, children up to 3 years if the child's family with many children, up to 15 years of children with a chronic health condition up to 18 years children with disabilities. But in many regions of Russia, children under 2 years receive free meals, families which have an income per person less the minimum subsistence level. Each subject of the Russian Federation determines the amount of the subsistence minimum for their territory and the rules by which kids get free baby food.
To consult with the local pediatrician, what benefits you are supposed to provide free baby food. It depends on your financial situation, the rules adopted in your area and whether the child is on mixed or artificial feeding. If the child is breast fed with free meals provided by the nursing mother, but each region has its own rules for obtaining the benefit.
Contact the social security office and write a statement about getting help for the right to receive state social assistance. To provide documents:
– the passport of the parent (or person in Loco parentis), certificate of birth, certificate of family composition, income of all family members, copy of work record card, if able-bodied family member not working, a copy of the certificate of divorce (if the parents ' marriage is terminated, information about the child support (paid and received written notification from the parent (or person in Loco parentis) about not receiving help for free holiday special dairy products at the place of residence. The social security authority will calculate the average monthly family income and if the income per family member is below the subsistence level, will give a certificate for providing her pediatrician.
Obtained a certificate to provide local pediatrician. To free prescriptions to receive baby food. Recipes from a pediatrician is present on dairy kitchen, if your town or village this is. If not, the results is free food involved health clinics and pharmacy chains, the procedure for obtaining can be obtained from the pediatrician. In dairy kitchens you will be given your number and will be notified of the date of receipt of the supply.
In many regions of Russia provide free meals to students whose families monthly income is below the subsistence minimum adopted in the region, or living in a family with one parent. If your city or region is provided, for receiving food to provide all of the above documents and the application for providing the child with a free Breakfast in the bodies of social protection of the population.
Recipe for dairy food are issued for a fixed period and after the expiry of the need to get in the clinic for a new prescription.
Useful advice
While getting food at the dairy kitchen has the recipe and the birth certificate of the child.

Advice 2 : We give the dairy kitchen for children from 1 year

Most families with young children know the concept of "dairy food", but not all possess the necessary knowledge about what documents are required to receive free meals. Also it will be useful to know which set on children of different ages, is it possible to replace a part of food products in certain indications.
We give the dairy kitchen for children from 1 year

Who should obtain food

Russian law provides for the right to the provision of dairy products for children from birth to adulthood. However, there is some clarification. Under the new changes made in 2013, the dairy free kitchen:

- all children age 0-36 months;

- up to 7 years with many children;

- 15 - suffering from chronic diseases;

- 18 - disabled children.

How to get food

Recipe to receive food issued by a district pediatrician within a period not later than the 25th day of each month. Before the age of two, no additional documents, except those in the children's consultation are required. Parents write a letter to receive food, indicating age. Such statements are written in the following periods: newborn, 6 months, a year, two, three. If you need to change the table by age or by special physician statements will have to write more often. After 3 years you must pass a reference to the social protection of confirming the status of a "poor family".

What is included in the diet of children from 1 year

Children of this age on set, including milk (600 ml), yogurt (600 ml) and curd (50 g). Can use curd with fruit additives. However, food is not the same everywhere. The diet described above applies to residents of Moscow. In each separate subject of the Russian Federation establishes its own rules for obtaining a milk supply. If the city administration of funds, dairy food expands. For example, the kit may contain fruit juices, children's yogurt, yogurt, cheese, cereal.

In some cities, food is given only yogurt (as it was in Soviet times). In others, at the place of registration of the child, the mother receives a card, as the sum of 20 thousand rubles. To dispose of the money it can up to 1.5 years, paying for the nutrition at the dairy kitchen. In this case, the diet is determined not only by the testimony of the pediatrician, but also a personal desire of parents.

Can I get food not on registration

The law provides the possibility of obtaining a prescription on the dairy kitchen not only the place of registration but at the place of actual residence. For this, you need to contact the point of delivery, assigned to the place of residence and apply for inclusion of your child in a list.

Advice 3 : What documents are needed for a free baby food

In accordance with the applicable laws, the parents, if their family is recognized as poor are eligible to receive free meals for kids under the age of 2 years.
What documents are needed for a free baby food
You will need
  • passports of all family members, information about wages of employment of working family members, some other documents
To obtain free food for baby under 2 years of age, you should prepare all necessary documents, and then already to address to the appropriate service. The social worker will need to examine all of the supplied paper, and on this basis to issue a certificate stating that your family is in need receive free meals on the child.
You will need passports for all family members and proof of kinship. These include birth certificates of children, proof of the marriage. If at the time of filing your marriage annulled, you must provide the original certificate of divorce.
Be sure to take an extract from the personal account or a certificate of family composition, which can give professionals the management company. If the documents will indicate that you are living together with parents or other close relatives, you will need to write a statement about what you do with them have a separated household. This is necessary in those cases, if you do not wish to have their income taken into account in the assessment of your financial situation.
Be sure to prepare salary certificates of all employed family members. You can get them in the accounting Department. Remember that accounting is required for all types of income : earned income allowance and maternity leave, pension transfers and child support.
Provide specialist social services copy of work record, certified by the employers. If one of family members not running for a good cause, he must be the original work book.
Together with income statements provide specialist copies of employment record books certified by the employers. If one of family members not running for a good cause, he must provide an original of the work book and certificate from the labour exchange. If able-bodied family member not working without good reason and thus is not registered for unemployment, the results of nutrition may be denied.
After receiving a certificate of the established sample, contact your pediatrician, who must write a prescription for free supply with indication of its number. With this recipe please contact the point of delivery of dry milk products, located at the children's clinic. Please note that in most institutions the issue of power is performed only on certain days of the week.
Simultaneously with the submission of documents for issuance of free meals apply to other types of benefits that are put to you.
Useful advice
The help that your family need to receive free kids meals for 3 months. After this time, contact social services again.
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