Find out in the local administration, the size of the subsistence minimum at present, for different social and age categories of citizens (workers, pensioners, children). Compare these figures with the total income of all family members registered with you in the same housing. Usually, targeted assistance is defined as the difference between the subsistence minimum for each region and per capita income of the whole family (or a single citizen).
Find out whether you are a category of citizens that may receive targeted assistance in the form of social allowances. This is usually:
- single non-working pensioners age 65;
- the idle able-bodied citizens, caring for a disabled child, a disabled 3 groups or the elderly citizen who are 80 years;
person caught in an extreme situation resulting from natural disasters, fire, accident, etc.
In some regions this kind of targeted assistance have large families and single-parent families, provided the provision of all documents.
In the standard package of documents may include:
- a statement on the provision of targeted assistance;
- a copy and original of passport (passports of all family members);
- certificate on family composition;
- certificate of marriage, birth and other documents necessary for the confirmation of kinship;
- certificate of disability;
work - book (or other documents in confirmation of the presence or absence of work);
- income family for the last 3-6 months (depending on region);
- information about receipt/non-receipt of targeted assistance to family members.
Citizens caught in an emergency situation, shall be required to provide proof of force majeure, the act of material and household inspection certificate from the doctor, fire Department, etc.
Find out whether you rely on targeted social benefits and subsidies on payment of housing services. In this case, a standard package of documents you have to attach the receipt of payment of utilities.
You can get on the basis of the social contract and address guide for social adaptation provided that your family can be deemed poor.