You will need
  • the phone connected to the MTS; a computer with Internet access
To move to another tariff plan you can not get up from your Desk. On the official website of MTS has a section "Private customers" section "Tariffs and discounts for calls". On the page that lists all the tariffs you can find a special rate calculator that enables everyone to calculate for themselves the best at the moment rate.
After the customer MTS press to Choose the tariff", in electronic form, he will have to enter your current mobile phone costs for the month, number of calls per day and their duration, "direction" calls (on phones or on the phones of subscribers of other operators), the approximate number of SMS and MMS messages, mobile Internet etc. the system will calculate the data and MTS subscriber can choose the most suitable tariff plan offered.
Every fare, even "archival", that is described on the official website of MTS. Specifies a monthly fee, the cost of calls and messaging, original balance, discounts, etc. at the Bottom of each page with an indication of a rate disclosed fees – how much will switching to it from another tariff of MTS and how much it will cost to connect to those who have not yet become a subscriber of the mobile operator.
By choosing For the customers of MTS – switch to this tariff (including the rates of switching), you will receive information about how you can change the rate. For this you need to type on your mobile phone a certain command or to go further here and change the rate of charge on the website in the Internet.