You will need
  • leaflets with descriptions of tariff plans of different operators;
  • - the Manager of salon of mobile communication.
Get an idea of what rates are offered to subscribers of mobile operators and between them there is a difference. You need to understand that just the very best and cheapest tariff does not exist — operators, quite naturally, are not just communication services, they also want to get some benefit, otherwise why they do not work. But there is a huge variety of tariff plans designed for a particular type of use, and each subscriber can choose the most convenient, so to not have to overpay. Read all tariff plans of operators, note the most interesting.
Try to clearly form a picture of the use of mobile communications capabilities. You can even make some charts and graphs, but this is for the lovers of conducting research. The main thing — calculate how much money you spend on communication per month. Note the most frequently used types of services, see which operators and under what tariff plans provide these services cheaper. If you, for example, often calls to MTS numbers in the home network, and for a long time, the most convenient tariff plan "Super MTS" with free calls within the home network. Beeline and MegaFon also offer their subscribers the same tariff plans, but for communication within your home network. But — just keep in mind that calls to landlines and mobile numbers of other operators are more expensive, and much more. Otherwise the operator to compensate for the loss of money on providing free calls? By the way, the expensive calls to other operators and intercity can be the reason that such a tariff will be rejected.
For those who wish to call any local phones without worrying about funding the account, suitable plans with a monthly fee, which includes a solid package minutes for calls to all local mobile operators and landline phones. While inside the home network communication are almost not charged. In the package of minutes and often includes calls to the same operator in another region. Line with a monthly fee offer all operators — there are some subtleties, but the principle is the same. The most interesting is the tariff in which the monthly fee includes SMS/MMS and the Internet.
When choosing the tariff plan for the service to focus on those that provide special conditions when traveling outside the home region. Tariffs with monthly fee from MTS Smart and Smart+ include a starter package of services the option "at home Everywhere", which, as you might guess from its name, provides trips to Russia calls on the rates of your home area. Tariff plan "All inclusive L" from a Megaphone, too, is similar to conditions in Russia, but there is still a very solid package of Internet traffic and SMS to mobile numbers in your home area throughout the country. And when switching to "All inclusive VIP" removed all restrictions, except for international calls.