You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • a satisfactory amount on the balance sheet;
  • - computer or Communicator;
  • - an Internet connection.
Apply in person to the nearest shop (service office) of the company MTS. Don't forget to bring your passport. The staff will explain the conditions of transition, the value of the service and if you change your mind, replace your tariff "Super MTS".
Go to the website of the company of MTS. Select your region. Open the section "Tariffs and discounts for calls". Locate offers "Super MTS" and navigate to the page of the tariff.
Scroll to the bottom of the description of the tariff plan. In the red rectangle will indicate the amount that will debit your account when you change the tariff plan. Click on this rectangle. A window will open indicating USSD commands, typing that, you go to the tariff "Super MTS".
Use the "Internet Assistant" of the company of MTS. If you have forgotten your password or have never used this service, call 1115 or dial USSD command *111*25#
Select the menu item "tariff plan Change". Locate "Super MTS". The cost of the tariff will be specified immediately. In addition, you can view and, if necessary, to correct the list of connected additional services.
Use the "Mobile portal" of the company MTS (another name for "MTS Service *111#"). To do this, enter the USSD command*111*58#If the answer you received an unreadable set of characters, include a transliteration of the menu by typing *111*6*2#Now again repeat the first query. The screen displays a numbered list of tariffs that you can move. Click on "Reply" and enter the number under which it appears "Super MTS". Send the answer.
Use the application "MTS Service" for smartphones. To get the link to download the program, send from your phone USSD command *111*1111#the Response you will get as SMS. Install the application on your mobile and change the rate through the program interface. Detailed instructions on how to use the application, look at the website of the company of MTS.
Use the "Electronic Assistant" company MTS, which will allow you to change the tariff plan through the terminals of reception of payments in the menu "Services for MTS". To activate the service "Electronic assistant" in the following ways:• Call the number 1112163;• Send SMS with the text 2163 to 111;• Send the command *111*2163#• Use the "Internet Assistant".
Order your password for access to the options of service by sending any SMS to the number 6262, or select the menu option "Request a password" directly in the "Electronic assistant" on the payment terminal.Read more on the website of the company of MTS.