You will need
  • Mobile phone, computer with Internet access.
You can change the tariff via USSD-request. Dial on the phone *111*2*5# and press the call button. On the phone display press the menu listing the tariff plans which allow the transition and their numbers. Next, click the "reply" button or " OK " depending on your phone model. Enter the tariff number to which you want to move, click confirm transfer "send" or "OK". Wait to receive an sms about plan change.
Knowing the special room rate that you like, send a message with a code number 111. Get information about this room on the official website of MTS. For the tariff "the Super zero" it will be 721, for the rate of "Cool" - 15.
0890 dial the number from your phone, wait for the operator answers, explain to him what rate you want to go. At the request of the operator call code word data or ID, so he made sure that the SIM card registered to you. The rate will change during the day. Call from the phone in the MTS network is free of charge. Can call the number 8-800-333-0890.
Use the service "Internet assistant". For this, you will receive a password. Type on phone *111*25#, then press "call". Go to the website of MTS. There find the link "Internet assistant", enter the password and phone number. Following system prompts, change the rate.
Within 30 days after the SIM is activated, you can switch to another tariff free, but in future, when reconfiguration or the end of the month, for each transition, you will need to pay. The cost of migration to the tariff plan can be found on the website of MTS.
You can also use the services of consultants in the salons of cellular communication and specialized offices. They will advise you about the new tariffs and will help with the transition.