Tariff plan change is always conditional on the receipt of benefits and savings on mobile communication, because to get started is to pick up a suitable tariff. This can be done on the website "MTS".
On the home page go to "Tariffs and discounts for calls" and click "Choose tariff". Before you open a tariff calculator where you will need to enter the approximate amount of your costs on mobile communication, point where you call most often how to send SMS and MMS and also do you use mobile Internet.
After filling in the required data, click "Select." The system will give you a plan, which can be found by clicking the "Show rate". After reviewing the information on the tariff plan, click the "switch to this tariff. You will be available to the team, which is gaining on your mobile phone, you will be able to change the rate.
If you are not satisfied with the offered tariff plan, you can rerun the query, returning to the previous page and adjust the data. You can also explore all the current rates provided on the website in section "Tariffs and discounts for calls". After the description of each rate is a red button "to switch to this tariff with the cost of the tariff change. Pressing the button, you will get a team, which will be able to go to the selected tariff plan.