You will need
  • - statement on the provision of the site;
  • - the cadastral passport on the land;
  • Protocol assessment of the site.
Please contact the Committee of state property, which is located in the area in which you want to plot. Write the application on granting the land plot for construction purposes. Be sure to specify the location of the site and the area.
After a month again report to the Committee and get a response.
After receiving permission from the Committee of state property temporarily dike section and guide the placing of its cadastral registration. Then get cadastral passport of the plot.
An independent evaluation of the provided area.
Please submit a cadastral passport and Protocol assessment of a site in the state property Committee. In turn, he shall publish a notice in the Newspapers. If none of the citizens during the month will not complain, would be awarded the lease.
Sign a rental agreement and pay the amount by which the assessed land in the result of the evaluation process. Depending on the appraised value will set the annual rental fee for the use of land.