Go to the local administration. Complete the application to obtain land in rental. You are required to put in place. The truth will have to wait a very long time. This is especially true of large cities and their suburbs, where those wishing to receive the earth in rent pretty much hundreds and even thousands of people.
Participate in special auctions. The tenant, who acquired the right to lease the land at auction, along with it gets the legal right to build up and transform this land.
Apply for a long-term lease on the land on which you have property by right of ownership. For this situation there is a particular order of execution. The above person can receive this land plot in rent without auction and bidding, in the amount sufficient for the normal functioning and operation of buildings.
At his own expense arrange necessary documents to given to you the land. Will receive technical documents for the land, then go to the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography. There's your plot is put on a single account and will issue an extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan.
With the collected documents go to the administration. Fill out the application for the lease of land on the form a certain pattern and enter into the lease. Attach a receipt of payment of state duty for registration of rights to land, as well as fees for the registration of the land plot in rent.
Then go to the local authority of the Federal Registration Service (FRS). The lease of the land register within one month of the submission of all documents and make an entry in the Unified state register of rights. For indefinite (permanent) land lease agreements state registration is not required.