You will need
  • trading tent;
  • - land area;
  • - the Foundation or blocks for installation.
To become a happy owner of the trade tent, you must obtain the registration documents to the tax authority. As a rule, enough to trade registration as an individual entrepreneur, but if desired or necessary to open a legal entity. Most suitable for trading tax system is the so-called "vmenenku". Upon payment into the Treasury of the imputed income tax payment is made in equal payments, depending on trade area, so no need to install the cash register and keep the staff accountant.
Find land for installation of stalls. Pick a place where your product will be in greatest demand. It is best to place the tent in the city centre at the entrance to the street, it should be easy to approach and entrance. Land can be purchased or rented with individuals, organisation or the city administration.
Surface for the installation of trade pavilion should be smooth. This is perfect asphalted or paved with paving area.
If your stalls has the ability to move from place to place, and does not accommodate her to the Foundation, then make sure that she stood at some distance from the ground. A perfect place for such concrete blocks. Small pavilion will need two or three pieces. The tent must be installed level. If she stands on the blocks unevenly, it is necessary to enclose one of them any dense building material.
Connect to the tent electricity. Don't forget to obtain special permission from the installation of the meter.
Around Windows of the tent should always be dry and clean. So make a ditch for sewage and install a litter bin.