Advice 1: How to take the land for a shop

To build a shop, you must formalize the land. It can be rented from the owner of the land or to acquire ownership. Land belonging to the municipal category, according to the law available to citizens in the property or lease only through tender system. If you decide to take the land under the store, be prepared for the fact that the design will take at least 5-6 months.
How to take the land for a shop
Before you make a land for the construction shopand guide the preparatory work. Find a few sites on the territory of the municipality, which will fit you according to your location. Contact the authorities of architecture and urban planning, request information sheets on each selected plot. Borders you can specify them approximately on a topographical basis of scale 1:500 or 1:1000.
In issued certificates include information about square footage, its address, communication and security areas. The certificate shall indicate that the owner of the land – the administration of the municipality. In addition, you must provide information on how the territorial area is located the station and give a statement of the "Rules of land use and development", which will indicate that is possible at this site the construction of the stores.
Order a topographical survey of the chosen site, prepare the project documentation. Coordinate the location of the selected parcel with the regulatory organizations and authorities of architecture gave him the town-planning passport, put on the cadastral account and apply to the head of the administration with a request to provide you with this land lease or the property. The site will be put up for auction and the lease or ownership of it would be to buy, participating in the General rights in the auction.
There is a second option – to take the land under the shop from those sites which has already been formed by those organizations on behalf of the administration have the right to conduct transactions with municipal land. In this case, no registration you to do yourself is not necessary, the plot will be put up for auction with a full package of documents and registration in the land registry. Win the auction and get the complete ownership of the parcel or enclose with the administration of the lease.
In that case, if the land is furnished in the lease, and built on it a building that will be in your property, you will have a priority right to purchase this land in the property.

Advice 2 : How to rent land for a shop

Land disposed of by the local municipality. To receive in rent the land plot under construction of the shop, you need to contact the administration with the statement for participation in the auction or on the production queue.
How to rent land for a shop
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - testimony of IP, or Yule;
  • - receipt of payment for participation in the auction.
You can get land fast enough out of turn, if you take part in the auction. For auction are transmitted to the stations in the rent to citizens for the construction, including objects for business. The construction of the store falls into this category.
For participation in auction apply to the district administration, to present the passport, the certificate of the individual entrepreneur or Yul. You will also need to make 12-15% from the initial price of the land stated in the auction.
About the beginning of the auction you will be notified by the representatives of the land Committee of the administration of pre-written. Wins the auction is someone who will offer great price for the right to rent land. If you are unable to win the auction, you can participate in the next auction or to get back the pre-paid amount.
In the case of winning the auction, you will sign a lease for a definite period during which you must build a shop and put it into operation. If you are unable to complete construction within the time frame, the amount of rent for the land would rise several times. Lease terms can be arbitrary and the administration finds them at their own discretion, often not more than 5 years.
The lease is subject to state registration in the Federal Office of the state registration center. You need to contact the centre, a statement, a passport, a contract and a photocopy.
After the completion of the shop the land will be transferred to you in the property for 2.5% of the cadastral value.
If you do not plan to participate in the auction, to obtain land for the construction of the store can in the common queue, which can take several years.
For the production of all you will need to submit to the administration a statement to show the passport and the certificate of the individual entrepreneur or Yul. The land will be transferred to you in rent. In three years you will be able to get it into the property of preferential conditions for the cadastral value.

Advice 3 : How to register the land under the store

Every year the cost of land, especially those located in the boundaries of settlements increases. The complexity with the real estate purchase limit opportunities for business development, but the solution is land rent. This option should be considered and those who want to acquire the land under the store, but do not have sufficient funds to purchase the land plot in property.
How to register the land under the store
Complete your site with the approval of the act of choice, i.e. with preliminary approval of facility location. Find some suitable sites and contact information system of ensuring town-planning activity, which works in the bodies of architecture. Get information help and will make sure that the sites are municipal property, and also what type of their permitted use allows to build a shop. Select the area that will suit you.
In accordance with article 31 of the land Code of the Russian Federation, to apply to the administration of the local authority. In a statement, ask them to produce a preliminary coordination of a place of construction of the store. Authorized to the unit of local administration, usually the bodies of architecture, should ensure the coordination of land plot selection. This is based on the information of the state cadastre of objects of real estate and existing for the given area the environmental, urban and other conditions of use. The results of the choice of land are made by the relevant act, which you receive on hands.
Issued by an act of choice land would have to negotiate with various authorities, supervising the construction of real estate. In particular, you will require the approval of environmental impact assessment, public utilities, organs of protection of monuments of history and so on For the subsequent registration of the transaction in the organs rosreestra will receive sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on the selection of land for the construction of the store, as well as the opinion of the office of conservation.
Put the parcel on the cadastral account, get cadastral passport on him, reconcile and approve the scheme of its location on the cadastral plan. Submit all necessary documents to the administration to prepare the Decision of the head of all the land you lease for the construction shop. Sign and register a lease in the organs rosreestra, after which it will enter into force.

Advice 4 : How to take the land on lease for Parking

Land rent is one of the most trusted tools of business. Unlike a purchase, you do not need to risk large sums of money; of failed businesses can get out with minimal losses. How to take the land for your Parking to rent?
How to take the land on lease for Parking
To directories, free ads in section "real Estate" you can find a lot of attractive ads. Visit one of our sites (,, select your region, "real Estate", "Commercial" or "Areas". Usually there are two options: "Sell" and "rent." Select the second, write down the phone numbers and names of the owners of attractive sites.
Call on a few numbers, tell us what you are looking for land for Parking. Can reduce the price history on a limited budget of a small company. Usually site owners, long idle time wasted, ready to meet the issue price.
Sign a rental agreement. Can speed up the process by using the services of a notary. If the transaction amount is small, you can use the standard form of agreement (the many sample documents provided on the website
You can reduce the cost of the rental by signing a short term agreement for a period of 11 months with subsequent prolongation. On the other hand, this method save can be risky because property prices in the attractive areas tend to increase. If you think that the rent may increase substantially, you can sign a contract for a period of 5 years (in this case, it is better to take the help of a lawyer specializing in land law).
Rent municipal land can save your budget, reward plot in an attractive area. Often free sites are exposed on the Federal portal of tenders "Procurement" ( In the search menu on the website, enter the phrase "rental area of [your city]".
Clearing a clogged land within the city consistent with the plans of the municipal administration, but often to this important procedure, the authorities "do not reach the hands". You can come to the local authority and offer assistance to clean up polluted land for lease. Sometimes under the mountains of trash hidden land in Prime location, which is especially important for the device of the Parking lot.

Advice 5 : How to rent land for construction of shop

To take land on lease for construction of commercial object can be more profitable than buying it. However, the paperwork process is long and troublesome, and requires patience.
How to rent land for construction of shop
The value of land increases each year. To purchase land for business becomes difficult. The best option for some entrepreneurs becoming decision to take land, for example, the construction of the store. The procedure of registration of land has a number of nuances. You need to decide and agree with the city authorities all the issues related to the place where will be placed the next construction project.

Site selection, negotiation of work

To find a suitable site, you must contact the municipality's Department of architecture. In their database there is a lot of information on all lands related to the city and its surroundings. Getting information and making sure that any land owned by the municipality, it is necessary to clarify whether any prohibitions for the construction of the store.

After that, the entrepreneur should write the application in city administration on the initial coordination of a place where he plans to build a building. Administrative authorities, usually the Department of architecture, shall render its decision on the application. Consideration of the application may last several weeks, about 1-2 months.

On the basis of information from the state cadastre of real estate the decision. It will be positive, if not violated town planning and environmental norms. In the relevant act authorizing the construction of a fixed mark, this act is issued to the applicant.

The act of choosing the land plot after this you need to reconcile with a number of organizations that are responsible for the construction of buildings. Perhaps the entrepreneur will have to conduct an environmental review and to obtain permission for construction from bodies of protection of monuments and urban services. Next, you should obtain sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of the Federal registration service. In addition, a similar conclusion will need to contact the Department of conservation.


When will all the negotiation work, the selected land will need to put on cadastral registration and receive the technical certificate. In addition, you need to fix how the future building will be located in the cadastral plan. At the concluding stage, all the documents should be sent to the city administration to the head of the municipality made a decision about the permission to take the land lease for the construction shop. If a positive decision is to register the land lease contract in bodies of Federal registration service, after which it will enter into force.
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