Before you make a land for the construction shopand guide the preparatory work. Find a few sites on the territory of the municipality, which will fit you according to your location. Contact the authorities of architecture and urban planning, request information sheets on each selected plot. Borders you can specify them approximately on a topographical basis of scale 1:500 or 1:1000.
In issued certificates include information about square footage, its address, communication and security areas. The certificate shall indicate that the owner of the land – the administration of the municipality. In addition, you must provide information on how the territorial area is located the station and give a statement of the "Rules of land use and development", which will indicate that is possible at this site the construction of the stores.
Order a topographical survey of the chosen site, prepare the project documentation. Coordinate the location of the selected parcel with the regulatory organizations and authorities of architecture gave him the town-planning passport, put on the cadastral account and apply to the head of the administration with a request to provide you with this land lease or the property. The site will be put up for auction and the lease or ownership of it would be to buy, participating in the General rights in the auction.
There is a second option – to take the land under the shop from those sites which has already been formed by those organizations on behalf of the administration have the right to conduct transactions with municipal land. In this case, no registration you to do yourself is not necessary, the plot will be put up for auction with a full package of documents and registration in the land registry. Win the auction and get the complete ownership of the parcel or enclose with the administration of the lease.