You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the statement;
  • - extract from the cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan;
  • - lease agreement;
  • - registration of the contract in PPRC.
To rent land for 49 years, this is the term which refers to the maximum for the long-term transaction, to apply to the local administration.
You will be put on a waiting list, as all plots for lease or ownership, shall be distributed in order of priority. Without a queue, you can get a piece to auction, conducted systematically by the local municipality, but to place it in rent for 49 years is impossible, since the lease is only for the construction period and shall not exceed 5 years, after which new buildings need to be commissioned and to issue title. In exceptional cases, the lease is renewed but the payment for rented land increases substantially.
Therefore, to obtain the land on lease, you can only after it is your turn. In the regions of the Russian Federation of the queue may not be at all or it will consist of several dozen people, and get right to rent a plot can be very fast. Which is not true of large cities and suburbs, where to wait for their turn for years, if not decades.
Provided you land you should for own means to obtaining a cadastral passport and cadastral plan, and put it on a single account. All this is done by contacting the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography. After all work and paperwork, get the extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan.
With the received documents, please contact the local administration will sign a rental agreement, provide copies of the obtained extracts.
With all the documents, please contact the Federal office of the state registration center, complete the application on the proposed form, imagine the documents. Your long-term lease transaction register and make the information in the unified state register.