You will need
  • - statement on the choice of the land plot;
  • - Land code of the Russian Federation.
Please note that to rent the land owned by municipalities, physical and legal entity usually only charge. However, land legislation free of rent is not excluded. This can be a grant of permanent (perpetual) use and term. The basic rules and regulations of the procedure for the registration of land declared the Land code, Federal laws or the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.
Please note that lease rights to land plots that are intended to comprehensively build up the housing are transmitted through tenders or auctions carried out in accordance with the laws of the land. It outlines the requirements for tenants such form municipal land plots. Usually, the lease is always long-term – five years or more.
Contact leasing municipal land to the relevant Executive body of local self-government. To deny you can only in those cases which are specifically stated in the Land code. This happens when the removal of land from circulation, his reservation for state or municipal needs.
If you are going to rent municipal land without building on it, are required to apply on the choice of the land to the authority. After the layout phase you must put it on the cadastral account. And only after that the question on granting of land in the lease is the contract between you and the landlord.
Be aware that the rental payment is calculated at the rates of land tax. In addition, there are land and starting payments, which arise when selling the rights for conclusion of the lease.
Carefully make municipal land in the lease. Make a plan of action to simplify the procedure. If there is a feeling that some points are unclear, contact the professionals who are faced daily with the decision of such problems. For example, contact a real estate Agency.