You will need
  • - a plot of land on which to house the kiosk;
  • - the casing of the kiosk;
  • set of the trading equipment (including cash and machinery fire extinguisher);
  • - a package of permits (from local authorities, fire inspection and Rospotrebnadzor);
  • - database of suppliers of products presented in the assortment of a stall.
Find out before you choose a place to stall and to reassure yourself what policy on street trade follows the administration of your city. In some cities, to set a stall on a more or less free space is easy, whereas in other installation of outlets severely restricted. It may happen that you have to choose only one of those locations that you indicate in the appropriate Department.
Order a new housing future a trade booth or agree with those who want to dismantle and sell my old stall. If you take on work on dismantle and transportation of the stall, his former owner must agree to do you a good discount. Therefore, the option with the kiosk, have been in use, for a novice entrepreneur, of course, more acceptable.
Shape the product range for your stall in advance and start to establish good business relationship with suppliers of those goods which you intend to sell. Product range kiosk on the street more or less standard and can be supplemented only-fruits, vegetables and bakery products, is to build a database of suppliers is easy even before the opening of the kiosk. when you first buy an item, try to represent as many kinds of products, then eliminating those positions that will benefit from low demand.
Purchase commercial equipment for kiosk - racks, wooden trays, refrigerator (if you plan to sell ice cream and cold drinks), Libra (if you're going to sell on the weight of the fruit or vegetables). The cash register also needs you to be and to be in full readiness for the first inspection by the tax inspection, the staff will fine you even for a single case of sale of goods to bypass the box office. Don't forget about the new serviceable fire extinguisher which staff of the fire inspection only and will agree to give you permission to use the trading kiosk.