The documents you need for the design of the kiosk, its composition may be different and depend on the specifics of trading activities. For the design of a tobacco kiosk you will need to obtain a license confirming the right to implementation of tobacco products. In that case, if the kiosk will be trade of bakery products, each of them will need a certificate of conformity. But there are General requirements that must be performed to place the kiosk in accordance with the provisions of the law.
Register yourself as a private entrepreneur. Contact the tax office at the place of their residence, a statement that is served on the unified form Р21001. Immediately, in the form of a statement make a mark that you will use the simplified form of taxation. In that case, if you doubt the correctness of filling of this form, consult with experts – many legal advice will help you to competently draw up the document.
Select the location where you would like to establish their point. Get the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion in the bodies of Rospotrebnadzor, evaluates the project documentation and the installation of the kiosk at a particular location. Under current law, a permit for its installation at your chosen location must be obtained from the municipal authorities. If the town is small or you live in a rural area, probably a problem with it. But in large cities, where every piece of land, you will be required to participate in the tender.
As kiosks are generally located in crowded places, on public lands in the settlements, and the area is small enough, the ground beneath them can only be provided in the lease. In case you win the auction or tender for the lease of the property will conclude the corresponding contract. If you wish to participate in the auction, but you are not there, the contract can be signed between you and the property directly.
Having obtained the land on lease, will be issued in the bodies of architecture permission to install the kiosk, which will also need to coordinate with the Department of Commerce in the administration of your municipality.
Once the kiosk is installed, you will need to obtain the sanitary passport on a given shopping facility, confirming that all the required health standards are met, and preventive measures for disinfestation and disinfection was carried out. You may also need a contract for disposal of mercury lamps and, sometimes, the contract for the disposal of solid waste or debris of organic origin.