Complete your site with the approval of the act of choice, i.e. with preliminary approval of facility location. Find some suitable sites and contact information system of ensuring town-planning activity, which works in the bodies of architecture. Get information help and will make sure that the sites are municipal property, and also what type of their permitted use allows to build a shop. Select the area that will suit you.
In accordance with article 31 of the land Code of the Russian Federation, to apply to the administration of the local authority. In a statement, ask them to produce a preliminary coordination of a place of construction of the store. Authorized to the unit of local administration, usually the bodies of architecture, should ensure the coordination of land plot selection. This is based on the information of the state cadastre of objects of real estate and existing for the given area the environmental, urban and other conditions of use. The results of the choice of land are made by the relevant act, which you receive on hands.
Issued by an act of choice land would have to negotiate with various authorities, supervising the construction of real estate. In particular, you will require the approval of environmental impact assessment, public utilities, organs of protection of monuments of history and so on For the subsequent registration of the transaction in the organs rosreestra will receive sanitary-epidemiological conclusion on the selection of land for the construction of the store, as well as the opinion of the office of conservation.
Put the parcel on the cadastral account, get cadastral passport on him, reconcile and approve the scheme of its location on the cadastral plan. Submit all necessary documents to the administration to prepare the Decision of the head of all the land you lease for the construction shop. Sign and register a lease in the organs rosreestra, after which it will enter into force.