You will need
  • Foundation and permits
  • kiosk and vending equipment
  • products
  • seller
Find a suitable location for a future stall or rent a plot with a finished kiosk.
Register a limited liability company or a private enterprise, stand on the account in tax inspection and pension Fund. It will take approximately 10 working days.
Write an application to the office of the district where you want to put a kiosk to get a permit. Department of Architecture and Land Committee must also give its consent. All of the red tape will take you about a month.
Having received all possible permissions you can safely proceed to install the kiosk. By the way, the payback period of the stall is a minimum of two months.
Buy the necessary equipment: cash register, fridge, heater for the winter.
Now it's time to fill showcase of your kiosk. The most popular goods, of course, are beer and cigarettes. The whole range of stalls is usually about 500 items. Some products will need to obtain a license.
Find me a seller. The salary of the seller is piecework and is directly dependent on sales.