Advice 1: How to build a kiosk

Retail trade and public catering are considered the most promising and sustainable spheres of activity in our country. The opening of the kiosk can be a great start for own business.
How to build a kiosk
You will need
  • Foundation and permits
  • kiosk and vending equipment
  • products
  • seller
Find a suitable location for a future stall or rent a plot with a finished kiosk.
Register a limited liability company or a private enterprise, stand on the account in tax inspection and pension Fund. It will take approximately 10 working days.
Write an application to the office of the district where you want to put a kiosk to get a permit. Department of Architecture and Land Committee must also give its consent. All of the red tape will take you about a month.
Having received all possible permissions you can safely proceed to install the kiosk. By the way, the payback period of the stall is a minimum of two months.
Buy the necessary equipment: cash register, fridge, heater for the winter.
Now it's time to fill showcase of your kiosk. The most popular goods, of course, are beer and cigarettes. The whole range of stalls is usually about 500 items. Some products will need to obtain a license.
Find me a seller. The salary of the seller is piecework and is directly dependent on sales.
To avoid possible risks, do not buy a kiosk at once – better to rent a stall place. In this case, the possible losses from a failed business will be much less. The cost of renting depends on the location of the kiosk. Of course, the closer the stop or the metro, the higher the rent.

Remember that the only alcoholic beverage that can trade entrepreneur is beer. To sell vodka or cocktails, you must obtain a special permit.
Useful advice
Choose a place to stand as a more crowded bus stop, metro station, the Central street of the city.

The product you will be buying on wholesale bases. Prices from different wholesalers may vary, so review the proposal on several bases and choose the best. In order to determine which product is in high demand, buy a little bit of everything, look at the sales and draw conclusions.

Advice 2: How to make a kiosk

Most aspiring entrepreneurs who want to open a business, start small business. They are looking for the easiest option, with minimal investment of their own capital. One of these ideas is opening a kiosk for the sale of goods. .
How to make a kiosk
Goods can be sold very different, and it is possible to specialize in any one product, for example, colors. It is necessary to determine at an early stage - the planning stage. First of all, analyze the area which is leased under the lease in your city in the format of the kiosks and stalls. Looking for the cheapest deals in order to minimize their costs for rental. Once you will find the most optimal option with minimum stalls nearby, proceed to the selection of trade industry.
Analyze nearby shops, stalls and kiosks. Find out what they sold and what kinds of goods from the consumer basket to get within five hundred meters from your stall. Your goal is to select the group of products for which the buyer is guaranteed to come to you and open a stall on this basis.
Work out the schemes of delivery and storage of goods. Calculate staff salaries. Make a full-fledged business plan, to clearly see how much money you'll need in order to open and for what period of time your stall will be repaid. Consider raising additional financing in the form of loans, credits, and capital partners.
After opening the stall, make sure that it hung bright large shield with the inscription "We are open!". This is the cheapest advertising that you can afford for the first time. Regardless of what you sell, it is guaranteed you will attract customers.

Advice 3: How to rent a kiosk

Renting a kiosk is a good start for those who want to try themselves in business. Rent a kiosk does not require large expenditures, and to sell at the kiosk could be basically anything (though for certain trade types will need a license). To rent a kiosk, it is necessary to carefully choose to perform the documents for the kiosk and sign a lease.
How to rent a kiosk
Kiosk - installable pre-assembled structure with a total area of not more than 10 square meters, equipped with commercial equipment without a trade hall calculated on one workplace of the seller, combined with the area in which such goods are stored. The success of trading through a kiosk location kiosk. Great place for kiosks and stop ground transport and underground, near the universities, offices. Accordingly, before you lease a kiosk, you need to decide what you are going to sell and find a kiosk located profitable. For example, close to the University it is best to put the kiosk and coffee and cakes, close to the metro with flowers, cigarettes, etc.
Once you decide on the kiosk, you will need to contact the landlord and ask him for the documents on the kiosk. It is worth remembering that some of the booths relates to immovable property. According to law, the property should be considered to be the objects strongly connected with the earth. Real estate should be registered with Rosreestr. Should ensure that the landlord has registered the kiosk properly.
In any case, the landlord should ask the following documents:- land documents under the kiosk (land lease agreement, etc.);
- the contract of sale kiosk , if the kiosk is real property, the contract should contain a mark about registration in Rosreestra);
- certificate of registration at the kiosk (if it is real property).
If after analyzing the documents, you decide that the kiosk is designed properly, then you need to enter into a lease. The lease contract must be concluded in written form. Its essential terms (i.e., those without whom it would simply not be considered prisoners) are the subject of the contract (the kiosk) and rent (only if kiosk is real property). However, the amount of rent is better to determine the contract in any case. The lease of the kiosk, which is immovable property, for a period of more than a year will need to register in bodies of rosreestra.
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