The first step to building or installing pavilion - site selection. Trade will only thrive in a "lively" places, so the choice should be approached thoroughly. After you look around the land for the pavilion, will need to decide which pavilion you want to build. It will depend on what and when you will trade, huge choice of pavilions. For temporary, summer trading is very suitable pavilions of light structures that do not belong to the estate because they do not have strong ties with the land. For other types of trading is more suitable pavilion with a basement in which will not be cold. This pavilion is a real estate. According to the law of real estate rights are subject to state registration in the organs rosreestra.
In order to rent a land plot for the construction of the pavilion, you will be required to submit to the authorized state or municipal authority a statement of land plot selection and preliminary approval of the object location - the pavilion. The authorized body carries out all necessary procedures for site selection and to inform stakeholders of the impending construction of your pavilion. Decision on preliminary approval of the location of the pavilion, carried out cadastral works, land is put on the cadastral account. Then the body decides on the granting of land for construction, is the lease to be registered in bodies of rosreestra.
The next step - obtaining a permit for the construction of the pavilion. However, it is necessary only in case if the pavilion can be considered a capital construction object. The urban development code provides a vague definition of these objects (the object of capital construction is building the structure with the exception of temporary buildings, stalls, sheds and the like). However, most of the pavilions still possible and these characteristics attributed to the objects of capital construction. To obtain a building permit you must submit an application to the authorized body, accompanied by:
1. the title documents for the land plot lease agreement, etc.
2. the design documentation for the pavilion.
3. obtain development plan of land plot on which is located the pavilion.
4. the conclusion of state examination of project documentation at the pavilion.
In different cases may be required other documents.
Only after passing all these steps you can start directly the construction of the pavilion.